MVD Third Party Providers

An increasing number of people are turning to private companies for vehicle title and registration services. Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Authorized Third Party Providers (ATP) are welcoming customers who have a variety of motor vehicle needs. There are more than 140 locations statewide. Millions of people already conduct business using existing MVD-operated field offices, but many have only recently discovered the third parties, which have been in existence since the mid 1990s.

“Their main selling point is convenience,” says Third Party Program Manager Robert Smith. “Customers get personal attention, usually with little or no wait. A lot of third parties are open evenings, weekends, and holidays, and most are small businesses, which are important for a healthy economy.”

For their services, Arizona law provides third parties a small retention fee for some transactions. ATPs are also permitted to assess convenience charges in addition to the standard MVD fees that customers pay in the field offices and online. “The convenience charges vary and they’re entirely up to the individual businesses,” Smith says. “People are paying for priority treatment.”

Many third party providers are willing to make appointments and allow customers to drop off paperwork and pick up the completed documents later.

The Motor Vehicle Division monitors the performance of ATP offices to ensure that, among other things, transactions are properly carried out and timely fund transfers are made to MVD. There’s a potential for sanctions if a company doesn’t meet the required standards.

ATPs are actively seeking new customers and additional services are in the works.

For more information on the ATP program, please contact : Title & Registration Partnerships at 602-712-8217

A list of Authorized Third Party locations is available at the Motor Vehicle Division Web site, under Customer Services and then Office Locations and Hours.