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Why should I join the Motor Vehicle Providers Association (MVPA)?

If your business is an ADOT authorized third party provider of motor vehicle services in Arizona, you should be joining the dozens of member companies that have joined the Association to pool resources for marketing, training, and consulting to ensure the success of each authorized third party provider.


The MVPA was created in 2010 with the sole purpose to strengthen third parties and to protect and further their existence.
The voice we have with the Arizona Legislature will allow additional services, greater exposure and one unified voice in sharing our  concerns to get what we need in order to prosper.

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(numbers only)

For Questions Contact: Rocio Sumner (928) 246-6829

*MVPA is a 501(c)(6), non-profit under the Internal Revenue Code. Those expenditures related to lobbying activities are not deductible.

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