Your resource for Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Authorized Third Party Providers


Are MVD Authorized Third Party offices open longer hours than the state MVD offices?
Yes, many MVD Authorized Third Party offices are open nights, weekends and holidays in addition to regular business hours.
Can I get a Level 1 Inspection done at an MVD Authorized Third Party?

Yes, Level 1 Inspections are completed on-site. Level II and Level III Inspections must be completed at a state MVD office.

What is an MVD Authorized Third Party provider ?

It is a private company contracted and authorized by the State of Arizona to process most MVD Transactions.

Why use an MVD Third Party office?
  • Many convenient locations statewide
  • Offices are open nights, weekends and holidays
  • Fast, Friendly, Efficient customer service
  • Some locations offer Spanish-speaking service
Will there be an additional charge at MVD Authorized Third Party offices?

Yes, there will be a convenience fee charged at the time of the transaction.

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