Associate Members are approved products and services providers to the Arizona Authorized Motor Vehicle Third Party Provider Association. To find out more about becoming an Associate Member and how to leverage the Association’s exposure for your business, contact the Association’s media and marketing representative at Specialized Publishing at  480-524-0284.

Advertising, Marketing

Attorneys – DUI, Speeding, Tickets

Automotive – Auto body repair

Automotive – Glass, windshield repair

Automotive – Insurance

Automotive – Mechanic

Automotive – Oil Change

Automotive – Tires

Banking, Finance

Cash Advance, Check Cashing

Cleaning Services

Communications – Internet, Cellular Provider

Contractor, Electrical

Contractor, General

Contractor, Roofing

Contractor, Flooring

Handyman, Home Repair

Information Technology, Network Specialist

Insurance, Auto

Insurance, Business


Office Supplies


Shipping, Logistics


Title Loans