Services Provided by 3rd Party Motor Vehicle Departments

An Arizona Authorized Motor Vehicle Third Party Provider is a private company contracted and authorized by the State of Arizona to process most MVD transactions.

Employees of an Authorized Third Party Provider must complete training courses and have a criminal background check, and are subject to the monitoring of performance. Compliance auditors monitor work for adherence to policies, rules and statutes.

Under contract by the Arizona Department of Transportation, Authorized Third Party MVD’s are able to issue driver licenses, title registrations and other motor vehicle services. These locations are often open for extended hours and many locations throughout the state. They charge a small fee in addition to the normal MVD fee.

Convenience is the key with the Third Party MVD. Many people use the Third Party Providers even though extra fees do apply, because they save time, have convenient hours and are known for excellent customer service.

Services offered by 3rd Party MVDs include:

  1. Title Transfers
  2. Driver License Applications, including written and road tests and digital photos
  3. License Plates
  4. Tags
  5. Registration Renewals
  6. Bonded Titles
  7. Trailers
  8. Level One Inspections
  9. Various Permits

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