One Spark Can Start a Wildfire

Winds, prolonged drought, and high temperatures have combined to make Arizona’s forests and desert areas extremely dry, combined with increased human activity, has unfortunately led to a busy year for wildfires so far. Everyone needs to work together to minimize the risk of future wildfires and some simple precautions can make all the difference!

It only takes one spark on dry grass, leaves, branches or pine needles to start a wildfire.  Even live trees and brush are dry enough to easily ignite.  Wildfires impact recreation areas and may destroy homes and cabins, and threaten lives.

Pausing or parking a car or truck in tall grass or over shrubs can start fires. This not only may damage your vehicle but may also start a quickly moving fire. Do not park where vegetation is touching the underside of your vehicle.

Chainsaws, dragging trailer safety chains, carelessly tossed cigarettes, fireworks, abandoned campfires, and discharge of firearms are all known causes of wildfire.


Conditions change; for your safety, stay informed on current and predicted conditions in your community, and when you are enjoying the outdoors!

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