How Does a DUI Affect My Insurance Rates?

A DUI is defined as driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance. If you are convicted of a DUI, the penalties vary depending on the state, but your drivers license will be suspended for a time period of at least 30 days ,and may be suspended for up to one year. In addition to fines, attorney’s fees and possible jail time, your insurance rates will be affected.

What Is an SR-22 Form?

In order to get your driving privileges back once your license has been suspended, you will have to provide your DMV with a SR-22 form to prove that you have liability insurance on your vehicle. In addition, according to the SR-22 insurance laws, your insurance company will deem you a “high-risk driver”. As a result, your insurance rates will go up for three years or more and your premiums may double or even triple in some cases, depending on the state where you are residing. In addition, your insurance company is required to notify your licensing agency if your liability policy is cancelled or allowed to lapse. Some insurance companies do not offer SR-22 policies. This means that your conviction on DUI charges will mean that your policy will be cancelled, or your company will refuse to renew your policy. You can shop around for a company that offers SR-22 insurance, but your rates will be very high because now, in addition to the DUI conviction,
you will have a policy cancellation on your record.

How Long Will My Insurance Rates Be Affected By A DUI On My Record?

A DUI will remain on your driving record for a period of time determined by the state, In some states, it is three years for a first offense, but it can remain on your record for for a lifetime. How long an insurance company regards this record is up to the individual insurance company. In most states, although it varies from state to state, a DUI will affect your insurance rates for at least three years, even for a first offense. This time period will become much longer if there are additional convictions.

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