HOV Lane Violation Will Cost $400

And, $400 is the MINIMUM FINE!

$400 is the fine for an HOV lane violation in Arizona, so if you find yourself flying along solo in the HOV, you might want to move on over. The good news is that ADOT will be adding 250 new signs over the next year along our Valley freeways as reminders – just in case you forget.

When Do HOV lane rules apply?

Monday through Friday, 6am to 9am and 3pm to 7pm are when the rules are in effect. Essentially, during rush hours. At these times, HOV lanes are limited to motor vehicles with two or more people aboard or vehicles displaying “Blue Sky” license plates.

hov lane


What Vehicles are Exempt from HOV lane Rules?

Motorcycles and buses are among the vehicles permitted to drive in the HOV lanes during the rush hour periods.

How Many Miles of HOV lanes are there in Phoenix, AZ?

  • 190 miles of HOV lanes

Remember, $400 is the MINIMUM! So, buckle up, be safe, and don’t get busted driving solo in the HOV lane.

Information Source: ADOT

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