Don't Be Scammed by Misleading “DMV” Websites

In Arizona There Is No ‘DMV’, Instead It Is Called ‘MVD’ 

Be aware of fake motor vehicle services online! Hopefully it won’t happen to you, but because so much of the business we conduct these days is done online, you may be at risk.  We use the internet because it has made shopping, information gathering and everyday tasks so much easier and more convenient.

Take renewing our driver’s license for instance. Because many of the services that we need such as automobile registration, renewing driver’s licenses, obtaining IDs and others can be done online, using online automotive services has become very attractive to the consumer. Who doesn’t want to save the time and effort involved in a trip to the MVD?  However, be warned that there are scammers lurking out there hoping to take your money and possibly your personal information for their private gain.

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has issued this warning:  “Beware of fraudulent ‘DMV’ websites and misleading advertising.” A customer relates the following example:  “ I even know to look out for these (websites), but it still got me,” he said.  After typing in a search engine for his state DMV, he ended up on a website that appeared to be legitimate.   He then followed the site’s prompts, thinking he was renewing his driver’s license.  Instead, he ended up spending $22.00 for a a driver’s license guide.  It was then that he realized that he had been misled.

So How Can the Consumer Avoid Being Deceived by These Fraudulent Sites?

  1. Be aware that there is no such thing as a ‘DMV’ in Arizona. In Arizona it is called the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).
  2. Using the keyword DMV in Arizona will take you to websites that have nothing to do with the Motor Vehicle Division of Arizona. These sites may mislead you into thinking that you have to pay for the extra services that they offer online.
  3. Using these unofficial websites can lead to something even more sinister, such as using your personal and sensitive information to defraud or steal your identity.
  4. Use only authorized, legitimate sources for your automotive service needs:  your local MVD office, Authorized Third Party offices, and

What Is an Authorized Third Party Office? 

Authorized Third Party (ATPs) MVD Locations are contracted by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division to perform driver license, title, registration, and other motor vehicle services. Most ATPs offer extended hours at convenient, statewide locations.

Employees of an ATP must undergo a criminal background check and complete a training program. For a small “convenience fee”, an ATP can handle “title and registration services including license plates, registrations, tabs, titles and various permits.”

In addition, there are now several ATPs that can process applications for driver’s licenses, administer road and written tests and take digital photos.  The new driver’s license is not issued over the counter, but is mailed to the client.

To find an Authorized Third Party (ATPs) MVD Location near you, go to: Authorized Third Party (ATPs) MVD Locations

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