AZ Third Party MVDs With Shorter Wait Times

Third Party MVD offices throughout Arizona with shorter wait times can only be found at AZMVDSERVICES.COM, the state’s official directory of ADOT authorized MVD service providers in Arizona. CLICK HERE now to view the ADOT Authorized AZ MVD Third Party Offices Directory.

az mvd third party office Arizona Motor Vehicle Services

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and its Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) saw the need to improve motor vehicle services throughout the state.  As a result of ADOT’s foresight, a network of Authorized Third Party (ATP) motor vehicle service providers, over 140, was created. Today, this network is represented by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Providers Association and the website

The overall mission of the Association is to improve overall customer service, decrease wait times of MVD customers, and bolster business ethics of the AZ third party providers.

The Association’s also provides road condition updates and reports through its Facebook page, HERE.

Stay out of the “dog-gone” lines and get out into Arizona’s beauty! Pictured above below are Arizona residents enjoying the great AZ outdoors!

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